Only In America

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October 3, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

Umm…. I really don’t know how to respond to this interview. Ann Coulter truly embodies the American spirit of freedom of speech. Reason being, only in America can someone make such false accusations on national television and still feel as though they are empowered and actually believe that are correct. The audacity of this woman to go on a serious political debate and first off promote her book and then go on to spread such lies and display the purest form of ignorance this country had yet to see. The look on the faces of the other debaters was priceless because they were either trying extremely hard not to laugh or were already laughing at Ann’s ignorance. The best part was when Jorge Ramos was speaking and she interrupted and then said she didn’t mean to interrupt while be was trying to attack President Obama. Not one time did President Obama come up int his discussion! What debate was she listening too?

Civil Rights are any unalienable rights that pertain to mankind. Rights that should, for the most part, go unsaid. Examples could be courtesy for one another and that no man should be another man’s slave. Being said, Ann clearly was not exposed to a diverse society for most of her life. That shows through her lack of knowledge of rights for minorities and she was probably raised in a mainly White society. Civil Rights cannot pertain to just a certain group people.

The worst part of the entire discussion is when she says that immigrants aren’t even present in America. Did she forget how modern society was built? Obviously someone didn’t pay attention in history class. From some of the most advanced technological discoveries to the modern architecture that lines skylines of most metropolitan cities the influence of immigrants is present. Most skyscrapers in modern day New York were built by European immigrants. From the 17th Century-19th Century slavery helped farm the land and take care of the hard labor.


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