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October 3, 2012 by shernandez5

My initial reaction to this video was too inappropriate to include in this blog post, but let’s just say that I was instantly infuriated. It really saddens me to know that there are people out there with this type of mentality. For Ann Coulter to write a book and include this type of arrogant and erroneous information is a complete abomination. And to add to that, she had the audacity to say this in front of a panel that consists of minority representatives, including Jorge Ramos. If there is anything that I liked from this video was the way that Jorge Ramos kept his cool while listening to this women’s ignorant remarks because I know that I was going crazy behind my computer screen just listening to her say such things. In a matter of two minutes she was able to provoke so much anger in me by sharing her narrow minded opinion.

Among all the things that I found wrong in this video, including the way she referred to African Americans as “the blacks” and her rude way of interrupting the other members of the panel when they spoke, the one thing that bothered me the most was the way she emphasized how the United States “owe” or does not “owe” people civil rights. Who does she think she is? She says that the United States owes African Americans civil rights because of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow Law. Is she unaware of the legacy the United States has had with immigrants? The concentration camps they created for Chinese in the 1800’s and the Chinese Exclusion Act? She needs to get her facts straight before she writes a book is what I think.

In my opinion, her concept of civil rights and who deserves them is completely wrong and crazy. Civil rights to me are rights that are given to every human being at a birth. Civil rights mean equal opportunity. And for the most part, immigrants come to America for a better opportunity at a better life for their families. This woman speaking from a very uninformed point of view and a close minded state. 


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