Did She Really Just Say That?!

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October 3, 2012 by emagallanes1

My initial reaction to the video was “Wow, did she really just say that?!”. To be honest, this video made me mad about how ignorant Ann Coulter made herself seem. In my opinion, what makes her seem most ignorant and prejudice is when she says that we don’t owe gays, nor homeless, nor Hispanic groups anything. You don’t have to owe a group anything to give them their civil rights! According to her, immigrants haven’t been a part of American history, and therefore don’t deserve civil rights. Well, my reaction to this, is that she needs to do some research before she speaks on a television show! It’s pathetic that people like her go out in television and have the confidence to say such negative things, that’s pushing minorities away from conservatives. Not even the Republican Party would be 100% on her side!
I define civil rights as rights which allow people to have a sense of freedom, liberty, and equality. Totally disagreeing with Ann Coulter, I believe that civil rights are for every single person, and not just blacks. If civil rights were only for blacks, then not even Ann Coulter herself would have liberty rights. I believe that we should all have civil rights that protect our freedom, choices, and different lifestyles, as long as they don’t harm others.

The truth is, that The United States of American was founded by immigrants themselves! Throughout history, all immigrants have left behind inspiring stories about how they overcame their differences in this country. Many years ago, it was the African-Americans struggling, then the Japanese, and now it’s the Hispanics who are being discriminated against. Regardless of the harsh discrimination that immigrant groups always face, they have all fought for their civil rights, which shows how immigrants are in the U.S. for a good reason. Also throughout history, immigrant groups have actually helped the U.S. economy, and have brought a sense of diversity to the country, which can have the ability to decrease racist tensions at times.


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