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October 3, 2012 by rosaf15

“““Wow” and “Really?” were the first words that came out of my mouth when I first viewed this video clip. I was actually surprised by the fact that Ann dared to say such closed-minded and ignorant things on a book she wrote and again on national television. I was again shocked at the fact that somebody like Ann Coulter, who believes “Civil Rights are only for blacks”, was invited to sit at the same table with Jorge Ramos and other esteemed people in a national television program to discuss the importance of the Latino vote in the upcoming elections. I’m not sure what crossed Coulter’s mind when she stated that “Immigration rights are not civil rights”, but it clearly shows that prejudice still exists even 50 plus years after segregation was struck down in America—the country of endless opportunities. And based on Coulter’s statements, it’s evident that she is unaware of the major role the American Latino community will play in America’s future success. According to the Census Bureau, the Latino community “…Will grow to be approximately 19% of the population by 2020 and over 120 million by 2050”, and in order for America to succeed, Latinos need to succeed in America (Campos).
Unlike Coulter, I believe civil rights pertain to people around the world who are not treated the same way as other people around them are being treated. In order to achieve the equal rights they deserve, these people persistently fight for the rights they deserve. For example, up until the 1960’s African Americans had to go against segregation and were “…Determined to seize their Constitutional rights” and enroll in predominantly white schools (Lewis). Despite the death threats and racists comments made to these people, African Americans triumphed over their challenges and succeeded in achieving the rights they yearned for. This event in history also encourages other groups to fight for the rights they want and create their own legacy, groups like the immigrant population in America.
Personally, I see the legacy of immigration as a legacy filled with challenges that have prevented or made it harder for the immigrant population from economically and socially prospering in America. When the first group of immigrants came to America—the land of the free—they struggled to settle in a place where they were not accepted and welcomed. Since the beginning of America’s foundation, immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America (among a few) had to take the lowest paying jobs and were blamed for America’s economic hardships and increasing crime rates. Throughout history immigrants have endlessly fought for effect immigration reforms that allow them to receive the rights any other U.S. citizen has. Nevertheless, immigrants have prevailed over the challenges in America and are successfully trying to integrate into American society. According to Joel Campos (former Commissioner of the Securities of Exchange) states that “immigrants, even the undocumented, create jobs by their spending and through their high level of entrepreneurship. Immigrants buy millions of dollars of goods and services from U.S. businesses, which also sustain and create jobs”. This shows America what immigrants are capable of doing and what greater contributions they can bring if they are given the opportunity to further their education and obtain the rights of a U.S. citizen.

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