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October 2, 2012 by gmayra

While America “owes” black people something, Ann Coulter owes not only immigrants an apology, but also the LGBT community, feminist, the homeless, and every minority group. I am outraged and speechless for her ignorant “ Um… No I think civil rights are for blacks,” answer to George Stephanopoulos question. “There is a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow Laws,” that is the reasoning Coulter claims civil rights are ONLY for blacks. Mindlessly she continues to ramble, “What have we done to immigrants?” Well I ask, “What have you, as a country, not done to immigrants?” It might not be a legacy yet but it is an incident- a very common one- of seeing immigrants fear law enforcements and people like Coulter, to discriminate them or deport them from what they once escaped. The cat and mice relationship United States government has developed with immigrants, makes me furious. Likewise every other minority group hides or protects their beliefs from the government and ignorant comments. So why would they not deserve civil rights? Because America does not “owe” them anything? Because Ann Coulter says so? Because current events have not yet become legacies?

The Free Dictionary defines civil rights as “relating to, or promoting equality in social, economic, and political rights.” No where did I find an article or definition in a legitimate book or website, that civil rights were resisted to “blacks”.  Like The Free Dictionary, I define civil rights as “endorsing equality rights, socially and politically for minority groups.” Although civil rights initially were intended (we can say) for African Americans “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow Laws,” every one else cannot be left behind. Immigrants for example are a major controversy; even though we have fewer generations then the “blacks” it does not mean a barrier exists. They have been in this country suffering the tension of being deported, being restricted from living their lives, as they should. So America does “owe” immigrants something, civil rights! Nonetheless America “owes” every other minority group civil rights too. Because each group faces rigorous persecutions, legacy or not, they deserve civil rights.


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