Ann Coulter: I Sure Pity That Fool

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September 30, 2012 by adriannstuff

When George Stephanopoulos asked Ann Coulter if Immigrant Rights are not Civil Rights she responded with a slight stutter and a loud “umm” and then continued to say no Civil Rights are only for blacks. Unbelievable, it is almost like she knew that what she was about to say was utterly absurd with her delayed response, yet she continued. It sure seems that Republicans, or conservatives at the least, cannot seem to catch a break.  First Mitt Romney previously stated that he would veto the Dream Act, then Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri, Todd Akin makes ridiculous false statements believing that women can psychologically control whether or not they become pregnant after being raped, and now Ann Coulter stating that Civil Rights are only for blacks. Sounds like a guaranteed Democratic win this year.  Civil Rights are the rights to participate equally in civil and political life without being discriminated or oppressed. Thus, Civil Rights are usually associated with Minority Rights and minority groups. Ann Coulter is mistaken when she states the America only “owes” blacks. America “owes” respect, equality, fairness, opportunities, and a political and civil voice to every one of its citizens. Civil Rights are fought for every Minority group in this country and every gender or anyone else that has been discriminated against such as females and the LGBT community. The legacy of immigration in this country has faced hardship after hardship. Every immigration group has been discriminated against and has faced countless violent waves of oppression. Not to mention that the Native Americans, the original inhabitants of America, have also suffered a cruel fate. American cannot simply support one Minority group over another, that idea alone goes against the very foundation of this great nation, liberty and equality for all. It’s all about we the people, everyone as a whole, together as one.


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