Jorge Ramos

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September 27, 2012 by eli308

Every time I turn on the television to Univision at ll o’clock and 30 minutes, I don’t just see a news reporter, I see someone that represents me in the world of television. This person that I am talking about is Jorge Ramos. Jorge Ramos is an example for young people to follow. He always fights for rights of the young people and also urges us to be someone in life. Apart from being a news anchor on Univision, a Spanish channel, he also has his own program called Al Punto. He is someone that I personally admire as he has won many awards which includes eight Emmy awards. Even with all the television programs he participates in, he writes books that involve insights on assimilation and for immigrants. Like many immigrants, he stared as a waiter and began as a morning host for Mundo Latino. He went to school in Mexico City and later received his masters at the University of Miami. He has also been part of presidential debates of senators, especially senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. This information about him is really not hard to find as he is well known around the latino community.


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