Ted Williams is also Brown!

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September 26, 2012 by mmartinez17

Ted looks the whitest person you will ever see, but surprisingly he is hispanic too! Not only was a Ted a baseball player, he was also a US marine. He was a fighter-bomber pilot, his service in the marines interrupted his baseball career twice. The sad part his that he never told people that he was half hispanic. Most likely due to all the racism in his time.There also came a time where he hosted his own fishing television show. At the time of his retirement he was the third ranked in all time home runs. With 521 home runs he is ranked among Babe Ruth and many other all time stars in the league. Unfortunatelyhe has now been dropped to the 4th all time high in home runs. Besides that he also hold many other records in the league including batting average. He was also awarded MVP pplayer in the league twice. He played in the league for 22 years. He played for the team known as the Boston Red Sox. His name will forever be engraved in the Hall Of Fame.

It wasn’t hard at all to come across info on Ted Williams. There are literally thousands of websites with lots of information on Ted Willams. I’m not a huge fan of baseball so I didnt really ever hear much about him. I just heard his named mentioned a few times while watching Espn. I’ve also heard his named refenced to in some movies.


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