Salma Hayek

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September 26, 2012 by bibianamarisa

Salma Hayek is a very well known actress who has been acting since 1993. Throughout her acting career, she has been in over 40 movies and has guest starred on multiple television shows. She was born on September 2, 1966 in Veracruz, Mexico. Her wealthy parents raised her as a Roman Catholic. While in school, Salma was diagnosed with dyslexia  which made things difficult for her. However, she still went to a University in Mexico City and decided to study International Relations.

Salma made her big break by starring on a telenova in Mexico. She became extremely well known throughout Mexico after that. In America, she acted in films such as Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Wild Wild West which led to her newfound fame in America. Afterwards, she decided to make her own Latin themed production company called Ventanarosa. She also co-produced one of her most renowned films, Frida. A fact that very little people know about her is that she directed one of Prince’s music videos (Te Amo Corazon). Her next project was producing the well known show Ugly Betty. Salma guest starred on the show as well. She received a nomination for “Outstanding Guest Actress” for this role at the Prime time Emmy Awards. The show Ugly Betty also won the award for best comedy series. Movies that she has most recently starred in include Grownups, Puss in Boots, Savages, and Across the Universe.

Besides being a phenomenal actress, Salma also helps out different communities when she can, which makes her a great role model. She speaks out against Domestic violence and donated 75,000 dollars to anti-domestic violence organizations in Mexico. She is also a board member of the group V-Day, a movement to end abuse against women. She also teamed up with Pampers and UNICEF to help end the spread of neonatal tetanus and became their global spokesperson.


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