Rosa Gumataotao Rios

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September 26, 2012 by natha17

Rosa Gumataotao is the forty-third and current treasurer of the United States. Not only has Rosa Gumataotao exceeded in recreating a positive example of Latino immigrants but she has also studied and done a thesis on the “changing notions of Latino identity.” Rosa is a first generation Mexican American who has a story similar to most of ours. Rosa’s parents divorced when she was a young girl, therefore her and her 7 siblings were raised by their mother solely. In order to help out at home Rosa sacrificed herself as a young teen and started working at a library warehouse very long hours. After work Rosa did what was key to her success today, study. After a long day at work and school, Rosa did homework and studied every night until late at night and early morning. This inspirational story helps put in perspective not only our family values as Latinos such as hard working and dedicated, but it also helps us see that education played a key role in Rosa’s current success. Attending and graduating from the University of Harvard is a dream that’s dreamed by many but achieved by few, and in 1983 Rosa was challenging the system and general view of Latinos by graduating from this prestigious university and setting up an example for many Latinos that like her are willing to work really hard to achieve something great. As Rosa Gumataotao escalated the ladder of success in the workforce, she became known as a “can do manager who was well liked” and praised by her teammates. Let’s not forget that the main idea of this story is that Rosa Gumataotao had values and ethics very similar to that of ours, she was family driven and hardworking, not very different than we should be, and our parents and ancestors are. It was very hard to find someone to talk about not necessarily because Latinos are not very well represented in the American culture but because most of us tend to succeed in areas such as the arts and music but not necessarily real world companies and organizations. I wanted to find somebody who resembled our qualities and values so that we could be represented fairly amongst the American population.


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