Oscar de la Renta on the Red Carpet

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September 26, 2012 by mramos7

Óscar Aristides de la Renta Fiallo, better known as Oscar de la Renta, is one of the biggest, most recognized fashion designers in the world. Born to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents, de la Renta grew up in a very Latino society in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 18, however, de la Renta left his home in DR to study in Spain, where he later became introduced to the world of fashion. Oscar de la Renta has worked for huge fashion icons and brands such as Lanvin and Balmain. In the 1960s, he became known in America for dressing Jacqueline Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy’s wife. Now, de la Renta is more known for dressing American celebrities on the red carpet and other formal celebrity events. He has won the American Fashion Critic’s Award twice and has been inducted into several Fashion Halls of Fame. Oscar de la Renta makes Latinos proud by making it big in a very competitive industry where Hispanics are not usually recognized. He is an Ambassador at Large of the Dominican Republic and holds dual citizenship in both the Dominican Republic and the United States. De la Renta is not only well recognized in the United States and the Dominican Republic, but in France also. France’s government awarded him with the Legion d’honneur as a Commandeur. I first heard of Oscar de la Renta while watching celebrities on the red carpet describe the gowns they were wearing. I noticed several of them answering “Oscar de la Renta” when asked what designer made their dresses. Since he is Latino, I felt a stronger attraction to him than Coco Chanel or Guccio Gucci, and I realized that he is one of the more popular designers on the red carpet. Since he is so well known internationally, it was very easy to find information on his work and his life.


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