A Global Force of Good

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September 26, 2012 by itzy18

    Adm. Horacio Rivero Jr died on Sunday at the age of 90 at his home located in Coronado, California. Many, like me, would not recognize this name. One that holds so much respect and power behind it.

    Admiral Rivero was born in Puerto Rico and married to Hazel Hooper with a daughter, Mary Lynn Hagan. He was a wonderful husband, father, and a historic figure in the military world specializing in ordnance engineering and nuclear weaponry.

     He was North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Commander in Chief in southern Europe from 1968 to 1972. During this time, he was promoted from Vice Admiral with three star to Admiral with four stars. Many don’t know the meaning of this incredible accomplishment. Let’s just say that he is known to be US Navy’s first four star Admiral of Hispanic descent! Never had it been done before until Rivero came along.

     He was a former Vice Chief of Naval Operations and an ambassador to Spain from 1972 to 1974. During his time leading the naval operations, he directed land, sea, and air forces of five nations which where deployed in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Britain, and the U.S. Shortly after, the Soviet Union decided to plant missiles in Cuba where Vice Admiral Rivero was given command over U.S.’ Atlantic fleet’s force. Yes, a Hispanic was in charge of the fleet that stood ground during the Cuban Missile Crisis!

    Because of all his hard work, he came to receive the Bronze star in WWII, 3 Distinguished Service medals, Legion of Merit award, and medals from the government of Brazil, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. During his retirement, he was on boards that gave advise to chief of naval operations, Naval Academy, and Naval War College.

    It’s recognized how far this Latino went during his lifetime. He showed how far one can go if we push ourselves and keep motivated. Going through everything he did is obviously not heard of and not an easy task. Because of his persistence, many Hispanics are motivated to keep their heads up and keep aiming at their goals.


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