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September 19, 2012 by mmartinez17

The ability to speak another language does not make you more or less authentic. For example, if I know how to speak Russian, does that make me more Russian than some one who can not. This is the same for all languages and ethnicities. So, the fact that a Latino can not speak a lick of Spanish does not make him or her less legit. People all around grow up in different environments or are around different people that can influence what language you will speak more or less of. For example you might be raised in a household that speaks spanish, but others might not. This why speaking Spanish or not does not define you as an authentic Latino, but speaking Spanish is rather a language associated with Latino culture.

There are number of characteristics or traits that can define being Latino. Having parents that are of Hispanic or Latino descent. Also being born in a Hispanic or Latino country makes you latino as well. Taking in Hispanic culture and beliefs. Family is also very important to us Latinos.The best part of being a proud Latino is eating the delicious food that is a part of our culture. 

At the end of the day whether you know how to speak Spanish or not you are still Latino. The only downside to not knowing Spanish is your ability to interact with other Latinos who are not as fluent in English as you. It kind of makes you less involved with your culture. While knowing how to speak Spanishtomes with many advantages. Like if you are visiting your home country you will not have a hard time getting around and communicating with others. You are also able to participate in conversations in Spanish and perhaps read. KnowingSpanish can help you be more involved with your culture and what it means to be a proud latino.


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