First Hand Experience: Am I Latino Enough?

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September 19, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

I can definitely relate to the other Latinos out there that have been accused of not being “Latino enough.” In school and even other friends outside of school people have told me my Spanish isn’t perfect and that I look “super Mexican” and gotta do better. Well who are they to judge? Most “Mexicans” apparently think that speaking Spanish slang and cursing every other word makes them more Latino. And then to make matters worse most of those people speak Spanish worse than I do and have a much smaller and more slang-affiliated vocabulary than I do. If that’s the case I’d rather be “less-Latino.” I haven’t visited my mother country since I was an infant and that raises eyebrows as well. That’s not a personal choice. My parents can’t leave the country and return. It’s an enormous sacrifice not being able to see family but if it means keeping my immediate family together in one of the best countries in the world then so be it. The fact of the matter is that although it is annoying that younger generations and even my current generation can’t speak Spanish at all they still are proud to be Latinos. Another eyebrow raiser is when I say I don’t root for my mother country in sports either or celebrate its independence day. My apologies that I was born in the United States and would rather root for the country I actually know and excuse me that I don’t use another country’s independence day as an excuse to party and consume alcohol. Most people that have questioned my validity as a Latino have a very twisted image of what it means to be Latino and I’d rather not fit into their definition of Latino. I am a proud, bi-lingual Mexican-American and long as I remain proud and aware of what my background is, where my family is from, who my ancestors are and what they’ve done, and continue to eat our delicious food then I feel in my heart that I can be more Latino than even people born outside the U.S.


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