Speaking Spanish and Being Latino

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September 17, 2012 by adriannstuff

I believe that the ability to speak Spanish does not determinate one’s Latino identity. I believe that to identify one’s self as a Latino, one should follow Hispanic heritage, be immersed in the Latino culture, and stay true to Latino morals and beliefs. A Latino is someone who believes in family, in unity, and in camaraderie. We are always there for each other, helping whenever we can. Latinos leave no man behind. A Latino is self-less and always thinking of others first such as family. Our compassion for each other keeps us close and strong during times of hardship and struggle. Within a true Latino household, family always comes first, work, then pleasure. A Latino is a hard worker, always trying to achieve their best, never settling for less. A Latino is an enthusiast, taking opportunities whenever possible, living life to the fullest, and always looking at the world through an optimistic perspective. A Latino is reverent, having faith, not necessarily only in religion, but in oneself, in one’s family, and in what the future holds. We respect and recognize cultures of the world, yet we are never afraid nor unwilling to share our own culture with anyone and everyone who wishes to experience our culture. The Spanish language is just a small part of who we are as Latinos. The Latino culture can be experienced by anyone in any language, Spanish is not what defines it. Language is just another medium through which one can experience the customs and culture of another group of people. Therefore one’s inability to speak Spanish does not negatively influence their identity as a Latino in society. Being able to relate, understand, appreciate, and be an active part within the Hispanic society and culture is what most positively influences one’s own identity as a Latino.


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