Hablas espanol?

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September 16, 2012 by asangiovanni1

If you understood the title of this post. does that make you more of a Latino/a? If you did not understand, do you feel less of yourself in the Latino/a identity? I speak 3 languages, does that make me more of a politician? The Latin culture and it’s identity is unique to individuals. Just because my child may not speak Spanish, does not mean that in their heart they are not proud to be Dominican. And identity in regards to culture, is what you give yourself. Others may judge and think they can label you but as a person, only you can accept or deny an identity. Culture and the sense of being Latino/a, or any race for that matter, in within you. No one can take that from you, no one can hand it to you. Going along with the example Raul Reyes gave in the NBC article, Selena did not speak Spanish fluently, and neither did Jennifer Lopez. What makes them Latinas? They embraced their culture, wanted more from it, loved their people and wanted to icons in the Latin community.

If you are a child of Hispanic parents, you carry Latino blood in you. Whether or not you’d like to identify yourself with the culture or embrace it, is completely different.
Being Latino/a is a lifestyle. Family gatherings and listening to Salsa, eating churros for breakfast, and making empanadas, makes you Latino/a. People may criticize you for not speaking Spanish and saying you are “not authentic” will be inevitable. Of course, speaking Spanish is part of the culture and is the first thing people ask you if you tell them you are Latino/a. But the line is not drawn there. There are a combonation of multiple characteritics that qualifies any individual as Latino/a. What are they? It depends from individual to individual.

Being Latino/a come from el corazon. Its being proud to be who you are and where you come from. It is having that unbreakable bond with your ancestors. Like they say it on Univision “Orgullo Hispano”. Its all about the pride and the sense of being at home when you’re with you family and represent the continuously growing Latin community.


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