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September 10, 2012 by itzy18

Here we go again, another round of the presidential election will be held in a matter of of two months and things are getting heated up. Both, the Republicans and Democrats are addressing their issues about The United States and how they will make everything much better to rack in some votes. Unfortunately, us Latinos have a big say in who gets elected, as previously seen four years ago, and the only one stating anything about giving us a hand would be the current president, Barack Obama.

For countless decades now, history has showed us how immigration has always been a major problem in the United States. Yes it is true, but can we help the fact that many of us are coming to the land of the free to make a better living, to support our family back at home, or to give a better opportunity to our children? No, we can not help doing so. What is worst is that our “given rights” are being taken away. In the Constitution, it states, ” every man is equal”. I never read in the fine print where it is alright to revoke the Latinos’ right to keep studying in college due to being illegal. At one point, weren’t the founding fathers immigrants as well?

Every student deserves to be given the opportunity to keep studying and only Obama agrees with this. It is obvious that he is favor of the Latinos by passing part of the Dream Act which only assures us that The Dream Act will come into affect in a matter of months. On contrary, Romney opposes handing out an amnesty and much less is in favor of any part of the Dream Act. Us Latinos might not see an amnesty being given out just yet, but something is better than nothing and The Dream Act is only giving us a chance to be an educated Latino in this world and become someone great later in life. Most importantly, The Dream Act shows us who truly cares about our Latino community.


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