The Sleeping Giant

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September 10, 2012 by itsalexherrera

Hispanics have recently been the victim of a physiological game of tug-of-war between the GOP and the Democratic Party. Romney accused Obama of putting of his Deferred Action til reelection year, hoping for a resentful backlash from the Latino population. While Obama granted work permits and promised no deportation for over 1.2 million undocumented immigrants. I believe the most pertinent issue facing Hispanics in 2012 is immigration, and their representation for this issue. Representation means how effective the voices of Hispanics resonate with the candidates. Immigration is a sensitive topic for most Hispanics, the possibility of them being easily charmed by a candidate is always likely. If Hispanics base their opinions of candidates solely on their quotes and spontaneous benevolence, they might never relief themselves of being pulled in the political tug-of-war.

From Romney’s poorly spoken Spanish ad to the arrest of undocumented students on the part of Obama’s security, both candidates seem to contradict each other. Hispanic relations seem to be an awkward endeavor in politics; both candidates have had their fair share of charming and unpleasant interactions. This can be very confusing for Hispanics, especially when the sensitive topic of immigration is discussed. Some can easily go right or left based on their inaccurate views or uninformed perceptions of sound bites. Not many care too much to research what parties believe. If they did they would know they true intentions of the right and left.

The GOP wants to enforce a nation-wide E-verify system for all jobs, they also want to focus more on border control and oppose any kind of amnesty. The Democrats support a path for citizenship and want to implement the Dream Act, which grants a resident-priced post-secondary education for young undocumented immigrants. Knowing these stances on illegal immigration, Hispanics will be able to make more educated votes come Election Day.


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