Need a job?

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September 10, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

Need a job?


Out of all the issues Latinos are facing today, I would say one of the most pertinent is immigration. Since immigration is a very broad topic, a specific issue that affects the majority of Latinos is employment. Latinos make up a large part of the workforce and many are not paid fairly and sometimes even exploited. We have heard about many situations pertaining to Latino immigrants being over worked, under paid, and above all, taken advantage of due to their status in the country. Whether you’re legal or illegal in this country, we all have rights as human beings that should not be violated in any given situation. Employment is the basis of all homes in America, especially for Latinos living in this country illegally. Many Latino homes are composed of two heads, meaning both parents have to work to survive. This forces many mothers to leave their children with babysitters or family members to take care of them. If missing many events and not spending quality time with their children wasn’t enough, Latino immigrant workers are facing greater challenges. With the Republican Party pushing the program E- Verify and the Democratic Party pushing for an amnesty, it is difficult to know who we can trust with our vote. The Republican Party strongly encourages that legal citizens have the right to obtain a decent job and not worry about being unemployed, as a result of the immigration overflow. They think this program will help avoid the situation where an immigrant is employed and a legal citizen is unemployed; thus, resulting in more available jobs for legal workers. Also, they truly believe that “Granting amnesty only rewards and encourages more law breaking.” In conclusion, as Perry told reporters, “Once we secure the border, we can have a conversation about immigration reform in this country, but not until.” On the other side, the Democratic Party is concerned not only about allowing immigrants younger than 30 to stay in the country but, in also punishing those who exploit immigrant workers. The Democratic Party is pushing for a Dream Act, which will allow many immigrant students to continue with their studies in college. This will open the doors to many students who aspire for a greater future not just for them but for their community. This party not only wants to protect the rights of immigrant workers but, facilitate the process of going to college for many students. In conclusion, these are the facts about the standing of each party. Now it’s our turn to get informed and vote for the party that will benefit us all as a Latino community.

Facts on immigration in the United States


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