Latinos and the DREAM Act

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September 10, 2012 by jmendez14

“We should not forget that we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” said current Secretary of State, Janet Napolitano, after the announcement of deferred action. Why is education a critical issue in the 2012 election, especially for Latinos? Because Democrats and Republicans are in intense race to figure the best way to reach Latinos and Latino voters could be the deciding factor in the upcoming presidential election. Latinos also place the most importance on education. Latinos want the DREAM Act passed in order for immigrants to have an opportunity at higher education. Currently, Democrats and Republicans are split down the middle about amnesty relief for young immigrants and their education. The GOP does not support any amnesty relief for immigrants. Democrats support the DREAM Act and just recently the Obama Administration passed the Deferred Action program. Deferred Action program is aimed to stop deportations of young individuals. The Republican Party has consistently said that their platform does not support the DREAM Act.  Mitt Romney has said if elected he would repeal President Obama’s Deferred Action program. The Executive Director of America’s Voice, Frank Sharry, could not have said it better than “The fight to fix our broken immigration system shouldn’t be a partisan battle, but clearly Republicans in the Senate don’t agree. The idea that an amendment that would allow more talented young people to serve in our nation’s armed forces is somehow ‘extraneous’ to the Department of Defense Authorization bill is ludicrous.” The DREAM Act is beneficial to the United States, why would someone oppose it? Not only does the United States gain valuable, intelligent people to help the U.S. grow academically but the U.S. has individuals who want to serve the country they have ever known. Republicans do not want smart and patriotic people to legally reside in the U.S… The Democratic Party does support the DREAM Act and they are trying their best to get it passed in Congress and are not able to because of the gridlock the GOP is causing. What the Republican Party does not realize is that by not supporting Latinos on the DREAM Act, they are driving away Latino voters toward the Democratic even if they agree with them on other issues.






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