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September 9, 2012 by asangiovanni1

Before looking at the policies Obama and Romney propose, how is it that they’re reaching out to the Latino community? Is it sincere or is it a game for the polls? As mentioned in the article about Mitt Romney, Leonel Sosa mentions Romney’s need to see “eyeball to eyeball” with Latinos. Not just try to speak Spanish or emerse himself in our culture, but to put himself in the average Latino’s shoes. The only way a candidate can actually gain the Latino vote is by putting themselves in a position to understand the everyday life of an immigrant, of a person who came to the United States to seek a better life for themselves and the future generations in their family.

Obama, on the other hand, has connected with the Latino community in his own ways. I believe the most powerful step was to create an alliance with Cristina Saralegui. Not only does the President need to understand the Latino community, but the community must understand him and his goals. Cristina is quite popular among the Latinos, and has become a household name. She serves as a portal between the President and our community. Although we may like to face it, many Latinos in the US still are not completely educated when it comes to politics and that’s where Cristina comes in. In a way, she makes it easier to understand how Obama supports Latinos.

It is crucial that Latinos know who they are voting for and who as their best interest. An uneucated vote is just as bad as a nonvoter. If Latinos ever expect to see a change, they have to be educated on the matter first. Like Cristina said, “pa’lante…no protesten, voten!” Typical Latinos do tend to protest instead of take initiative in the matter.

I do believe that it is the Latinos who are in the midst of their revolution. Immigration will be the biggest issue in the election and Obama has made efforts towards fixing multiple issues including immigration, creating jobs for not only the country as a whole but for the Latinos as well.


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