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September 9, 2012 by shernandez5

While it is very important to be aware and well informed of the issues that matter in our Latino Community and most importantly how our future President is planning on dealing with them, there is also a major step that needs to be taken before that comes into play. During this political phase there are a lot of old and new topics of concern that emerge from every corner of the country. All, of course, directed at both political parties. Throughout this time, candidates are addressing these topics as well as figuring out how to get your vote. I believe that it is just as important the concern we have for our problems to get resolved appropriately as the action that we need to take to choose the correct candidate that will provide that progress for us.

I enjoyed this article because, as selfish as it may sound, it had to do with us, the Latino youth. I was able to connect with what college student Pedro Villalobos said in this article about the decrease in enthusiasm from students in this year’s presidential election. He said, “If Obama wants students energized to knock on doors, and call people in swing states, and even surpass the 2008 vote, he has to talk about what students want to hear. I want to hear about immigration and about student loans, what are the interest rates, and am I going to be able to get any.” I agree with this statement mostly because I share his position, but I also believe that in order for us to see any movement come about this subject we have to take the first step in choosing the leader that we best think is going to make that happen for us. We can base our vote on either, in this case, previous progress from one candidate or “promises” from the other.

I feel that, among all the issues that are present in the Latino community, this is a pretty relevant one. If you really think about it, how are our topics of concern going to get recognized and dealt with if we don’t take primary action and choose who we best think can do that for us. As we can tell both parties are strategizing on how to get our votes: Mitt by attempting and failing in connecting with Latinos by speaking our language and also by promoting ads of other Latinos unsatisfied with Obama and how he hasn’t done enough, and Obama by being supported my many important Latino leaders in America in his campaign and also proving positive outlook on what he says he will continue to do for us.

At the end of the day the choice is ours, but what’s important is for us to make one.

Article used: http://nbclatino.com/2012/09/06/latino-democrats-we-need-the-youth-vote/


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