It’s affecting People Around Us!

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September 9, 2012 by emagallanes1

As the 2012 elections are right around the corner, both the Republican and Democratic parties are trying to attract as many voters as possible. One big concern for both sides is the Latino vote. While these parties have many different views on immigration, they both are trying to persuade Latinos to vote in their favor. Demonstrated in both of the National Conventions, these candidates are addressing the most pertinent issues that come along with immigration. One of the most pertinent issues is the Dream Act.

In June, President Obama passed the Deferred Action, which is a sign that he’s fighting for young immigrants. Even though the Deferred Action is not a permanent resolution for these undocumented Dreamers, it gives them some relief that they will not be deported. Thanks to President Obama, these Dreamers can now go into college and pursue their dreams without any fear. But, that’s not the only way that President Obama has supported the Latino Community. For the first time in history, an undocumented person spoke in the Democratic National Convention; she also happened to be a Dreamer. Whether it was only a strategy for the Democratic Party or not, it is a step forward. These small steps can eventually lead to the great immigration reform. However, many say that Obama only passed the Deferred Action because he felt pressured to gain enough Latino votes for the election. There may be some truth in that due to the fact that he waited until June, but it’s better late than never.

On the flip side, candidate Romney is not supporting any parts of the Dream Act. Instead, Mitt Romney doesn’t want the Dreamers under the Deferred Action to receive any state funds as financial aid. That is pathetic! Most Dreamers do not have the economic ease to pay for their college tuition and fees. So, if Latinos do vote for the Republican Party, Obama’s actions will become somewhat effortless. Not only that, but Romney doesn’t believe in illegal immigration at all, which accounts for a lot of Latinos in the United States.

Let’s be real, most of us know an undocumented Latino. In my case, I know many. I also know many friends who applied for Deferred Action. It is pertinent to all of us, especially us freshman in college. To know that our classmates whom we graduated with will now have the opportunity to go to college is a great feeling. The immigration issue has greatly affected people around us, and will keep on doing so whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party wins. The question is, will it be in a positive way, or a negative way?


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