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September 9, 2012 by rosaf15

Even though immigration is an important and critical issue concerning many Latinos, immigration is not the only pertinent issue to Latinos in the upcoming elections.  Among the other issues presidential candidates are addressing, the issue of Healthcare is a relevant and important issue Latinos living in the United States are concerned about. Since Latinos are the most uninsured group in the United States and about half of Hispanics do not regularly visit a doctor, it is important that Latinos have the access to affordable Healthcare.  It is also important to view the ideas of each presidential candidate concerning Healthcare and seeing which candidate truly wants to help the Latino community.

Over the years, President Barack Obama has tried to enforce a universal healthcare system where every American has access to Healthcare; including many Latinos. Earlier this year, after the Supreme Court finally upheld Obama’s Healthcare legislation, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menéndez said the legislation “has given our health care system back to patients and doctors, and not to insurance executives.” Because of Obama’s Healthcare legislation about 34 million more Americans will have health coverage—many of them being Latinos, who will be able to afford insurance for the first time. Through the ACA many small business, including the rapidly growing Hispanic-owned small businesses, will have the opportunity to expand their business with the help of tax rebuts while providing affordable health insurance to their employees.

Nevertheless Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, plans on working with Congress to repeal Obama’s legislation as quickly as possible; putting an end to affordable healthcare for everyone, including Latinos. Instead of focusing on providing a “universal” health system, Romney plans on giving each state the power to create a health care reform plan that better suits its citizens. If Romney wins the 2012 Presidential Elections, the lives of many Americans will be changed due to his elimination of Obama’s health legislation. According to Cristina Saralegui, “[Romney] would repeal health care reform, forcing millions of Hispanics to lose insurance. Governor Romney’s plan is really just one word: pa’trás—backward”.

Although each candidate has expressed how their healthcare laws will benefit individuals as well as the country as a whole, it’s up to Latinos to decide who truly responds to their issues and needs. Latinos can either choose between a president who offers affordable healthcare or a candidate who offers a health care plan that this not guaranteed to fit their economic and health needs.

Articles used: http://nbclatino.com/2012/06/28/latinos-celebrate-momentous-health-care-ruling-opponents-vow-to-fight/



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