So….Are they going to school or not???

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September 7, 2012 by natha17

“It makes no sense to expel talented young people, who, for all intents and purposes are Americans” said Barack Obama during his speech to illegal Latino immigrants. With this said Obama passed a two year program that will allow illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. under the age of 16 to go to work and college. Now the questions that are raised are multiple and have not been addressed by the President yet. First we wonder if ¬†students are allowed to go to college then how are they paying for it? financial aid? scholarships? are illegal immigrants gonna be given the opportunity to apply for scholarships and demonstrate their talent through this opportunity? the second question that we ask is whether students will be allowed to go to either of the 5 major colleges in Georgia after it was banned last year. My best friend is illegal so even though I am fortunate enough to be a resident i have seen and felt her loss of hope throughout the years as graduation got closer. Maria Romero has been a straight A student all her life, smart, talented and full of dreams, yet her career was stopped when senior year all students talked about was applying to college and reality told her she could no longer go to school after graduation. Obama did what he could without thee help of the republicans to help the Latino community, but we are still left with a lot of unanswered questions as talented kids see their lives go by with a restriction to move on and succeed. How does it make any sense to have talented kids looking for ways to survive on the streets and not in school where they could help improve our economy, school system, government and most importantly the broken immigration system?


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